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Mar 22, 2014


Platinum-blonde hotty Katerina Kay is outside doing some sunbathing with her beau while her step-mom Nikki Daniels does her daily yoga inside. After just a lil’ bit of teasing with pool water, though, Katerina decides that it’s way too super hot out for bare-breasted sunbathing and takes things indoors.

Katerina gets into one of the house’s showers, so Nikki heads for the other one. She walks in on her step-daughter’s boy, and after a moment of embarrassment she determines to join him! Imagine her frustration when she finds him to be an awful lover. Luckily, Nikki determines to suggest to teach her step-daughter and her youthful lover a thing or 2 about extraordinaire hookup!

Nikki commences by showing her step-daughter how to position herself on the bed so that her cootchie is in the ideal stance for her guy to get down on his knees and munch her out. Katerina’s boyfriend is happy to showcase on his gf, but soon his face is drowned in the delicious softness of Nikki’s fur covered mature cunny.

Next, Nikki watches as Katerina does her hottest to give her man a blowage. She has grief with such a giant shaft, however, and soon needs some helpful advice from her accommodating step-mother. With a tiny bit of help, soon both women are tonguing man-meat like pros!

Next, Katerina attempts to rail her stud cowgirl style but she just can’t take such a large jizz-shotgun in her taut little vagina! After observing her step-daughter’s predicament, Nikki has some tips and positions to try instead. She suggests that more make-out would help and asks Katerina to give her a good twat licking to showcase. While Katerina is on her palms and knees, her dude glides deep into her running in rivulets penetrate crevice from behind and Katerina finds that she enjoys it!

With her new-found enjoy for all things sexual, Katerina joins her step-mom loving a mischievous plow fest that completes with both ladies on their bellies with their mitts stretching their donk cheeks apart to present a beaver buffet that Katerina’s dude can fill and nail to his heart’s content!

When the women have had their fill, Nikki shows her step-daughter one last trick. They comeback to their blowjob, where Katerina listens to her step-mom’s coaching and uses her arms and throat to work her bf until he pours out all over both of them in a torrid gooey facial of spunk.

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