Kitty Bella, J Mac

Cheerleading captain Kitty was outside setting the home alarm when classmate J Mac stopped by. Even though she has rigorous rules regarding guys in the house, cheer practice is over and Kitty was now prepared to get some rah rah dick. Observe as she chokes his hard-on down, working her lips up and down the rigid penis. He is extremely rock hard, and she can’t wait to slide him up her smooth split. J Mac licks her pompoms and nibbles her pencil eraser nips as she rides his pipe cowgirl. This tanned teenager is a sweaty plumbing mess who moans at the top of her lungs while getting pumped. He crams his greedy meatstick deep into her enjoy cave until his spirit stick explodes inside her. Whoops! I guess he forget to release. That’s what you get when you think with your schlong. J Mac bolts and Kitty is left there alone while jizz trickles out from her enormous beaver lips.

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