Jordan, Levi Cash

Legitimate yr old Jordan just got home from school cheerleading experience and was looking to meet up with some girlfriends when 29 yr old Levi came around snooping. He chatted her up and talked her into letting him inside her home. Fortunate for him, Jordan thinks older dudes are torrid, so even however she was indeed jumpy, she took well to his advances. When he asked to kiss her lips, a rush of excitement aroused her assets and she instantly got all raw. This timid chick couldn’t wait to have her lithe body taken advantage of and swiftly spread her gams to have her clitoris pawed through her lingerie. She then grabbed Levi’s dong and tenderly commenced stroking it before drinking his sword down to her tonsils. Blessed with a phat hole, Jordan then got finger drilled before Levi opened her bacon flaps for some real meatstick. Witness as this senusal blonde hottie polishes his boner down while her bubble rump bounces for the camera. She’s then laid out on her back for the accidental grand finale!

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